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21.12.2011 00:00

NASDAQ-METDAQ, Business discrimination or fear of competition?

In the past few months there has seemed to be some concern from certain industry insiders that perhaps there are similarities between METDAQ LLC and NASDAQ OMX. In fact there has been so much concern that recently NASDAQ OMX has requested that METDAQ LLC withdraw their application for trademark registration.

This news release is to stress the undeniable differences that exist between the two companies and why METDAQ LLC is not in any way trying to copy any other business in the United States.

The goal at METDAQ LLC is to respect all business operations, both in the United States as well as from an international standpoint. METDAQ is a B2B portal that is designed to meet the demands for those who are in the metal industry so they can better communicate with others who are also in metal industries. The goal is to design a website that gives individuals, small corporations, and large corporations a way to easily communicate with one another. These communications would consist of current events related to goings-on within certain metal industries, potential needs of certain metal supplies for job sites, as well as other metal related industry information.

METDAQ LLC officially launched their B2B online portal several months back. While still in the infancy phase of their online operations, they have seen success with over 100,000 visitors in a very short period of time. The registrants of the site are in the metal industry, not the stock markets. Although these businesses may be listed on NASDAQ OMX, as they are great companies, METDAQ does not speculate about those aspects of their operations. These companies are not looking to METDAQ for trading stocks, commodity price quotes, or any other stock market trade information. They are purely interested in buying/selling finished metal products like steel pipes, aluminum doors, and finished copper nuts and bolts.

The B2B platform of is designed so metal companies will be able to communicate using a variety of web communication tools through various social media sources without ever having to leave the site. lists informative articles related to the metal industry as well as current news concerning certain aspects and developments of the metal industries. Although news at might mention certain information which may be considered forward-looking statements, they are not in any way offering to sell, buy, or trade any stock market news or information. It is merely to be used as an information gathering center were readers can catch up on daily activities going on around the metal industry.

METDAQ LLC is in no way associated with NASDAQ OMX and has in good faith even offered to change some of the registration classes that would help clear up any confusion. Some industry insiders believe that having “DAQ” at the end of the company name of METDAQ is infringing upon their trademark.

However, METDAQ is not the only company which uses the “DAQ” on the end of their name. There are several companies that use the letters “DAQ” in their titles and NASDAQ OMX has already admitted that they have not attempted to stop some of these companies from registering their company trademark. For instance, there is BETDAQ, JASDAQ, and FORDAQ. In fact, they have even joined forces with some of these companies maintaining that they believe that using the words “DAQ” would benefit from such a move with both companies. METDAQ LLC has even graciously extended the same invitation to NASDAQ OMX, as METDAQ has continued to grow. At this time NASDAQ OMX and METDAQ LLC have no interest in joining forces together because of fundamental business differences.

METDAQ representative Alex Stolfat states, “We would love to join forces with such a prominent company as NASDAQ OMX in the United States because we fully appreciate the American dream.” Stolfat mentioned a famous James Truslow Adams quote that says, "life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement," regardless of social class or circumstances of birth. The idea of the American Dream is rooted in the United States Declaration of Independence which proclaims that, "all men are created equal … endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights." These rights include, "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” This is all that the people of METDAQ LLC are trying to achieve.

METDAQ specializes in bridging the gap between supply and demand of metal products. The online portal is a place where buyers and sellers of metal and metal products can come together to discuss their needs. The state-of-the-art website provides a platform for buyers and sellers to interact and communicate right from the site. METDAQ offers tools such as internal messaging, audio and visual chat, and other instruments which make it easy to trade between individuals or businesses.

The goal of METDAQ is to make an online platform which is globally recognized as a way to provide opportunities within the metal industry for large and small businesses anywhere in the world.

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