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What Are Rare Earth Metals?
19.12.2011 00:00
Metals get all of the attention when we think of well known metals. But there are other metals which are not as commonly spoken of. These are called the rare earth metals. These metals are used in our every day life, even though we don’t speak of them as often. Rare earth metals, also called rare earth elements, are 17 chemical elements of the periodic table of elements. These are the fifteen lanthanides and yttrium and scandium.
Low-Carbon Steel and Automobiles
16.12.2011 00:00
Produced in four principal qualities, low-carbon steels are used in automotive applications. You will find the following listed categories for low-carbon steel and each one will be broken down so a better understanding of their importance will be better understood. The four principal qualities are Commercial Steel Type B, Drawing Steel Type B, Deep-Drawing Steel, and Extra Deep-Drawing Steel.
Gold’s Short-term Future Negative
15.12.2011 00:00
Gold is a commodity that has been finding a lot of success among investors. Like silver, the price of gold has been rising and many people have bought gold as an investment. Some people seemed to have been frightened by where gold prices were going and dumped some gold from their portfolio. However, some experts think that people will be sorry. A season that is known for being a good one for gold is right around the corner.
The Makeup of Some Iron Alloys
14.12.2011 00:00
There are some materials whose production is thought of separately from most cast irons are high alloy containing white cast irons. In these types of iron alloys, the content of the alloy is more than 4%, and due to the fact they can’t be produced by additions of iron which are ladle. These alloys are normally produced in foundries that are equipped to produce alloyed irons which are highly alloyed.
America’s First Gold Coin placed by New Orleans coin collector
13.12.2011 00:00
One of America’s finest numismatic and precious metal companies has just placed what is of as being America’s first gold coin. The coin is called The Brasher Doubloon, and sold for what is also believed to be a record US $7.395 million. Chairman and CEO of Blanchard and Company, Inc., Donald W. Doyle, was quoted as noting that the topic of precious metals has been hot for the last few years. He also noted that during this time, numismatics have also continued to have strong demand from investors as they make very desirable tangible assets. He went on to also state that this purchase could ignite the coin market and with energy could raise the potential of other valuable coins much higher.
Gold Buying Tips
12.12.2011 00:00
As everyone knows, gold is a hot commodity right now. There are gold parties where people get paid money for their old gold. You can send off your old gold to a company who will pay you for it. You can even take it to your local pawn shop to exchange it for cash. Have you thought about jumping on the new trend of buying this precious metal which holds its value like many other things do not? If you are new to buying gold, the following tips might be of use to you.
A History of Iron and Steel Making Continued
09.12.2011 00:00
The Voelklingen Ironworks was founded in 1883 and it was an important development in the history of metals. Some of the essential elements to the Voelklingen Ironworks are wind, fire, and water. The wind is used to fan the flames of fire which in turn makes the fire powerful enough to melt the iron. The water cools down the iron to tame the blaze of the fire and to keep it somewhat under control.
A History of Iron and Steel Making from 1883
08.12.2011 00:00
The founding of the Voelklingen Ironworks in 1883 turned out to be an important development in metal history. It became one of the top steel and iron works in Germany and all of Europe. The unit of the Ironworks blast furnace is unlike any in the world. It has 6 blast furnaces and elevators which are inclined and used to transport coke and iron ore. These units make up a skyline that makes a deep impression on anyone who sees them.
From Consumers: Goodbye Gas Guzzlers, Hello Hybrids
07.12.2011 00:00
For many years, aluminum and steel makers have been fighting for a larger share of the automotive materials market in North America. At a recent North American Steel Conference, held in Chicago, Richard Schultz, who is the managing director of Ducker Materials Practice, gave them a brief glimpse into how the fight they have been having for years is likely to end.
Penny Hoarders Could Earn Surprising Amounts of Cash
06.12.2011 00:00
Many people do not even stop to pick up a penny when they drop it on the ground. Most of us just keep on walking by without giving it a second thought. Joe Henry, a Medford Oregon man, is the opposite. He will go through as many as 15 banks in a week to search for pennies which are from before 1982.
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