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High Technology Metals – Origin and Use
02.09.2014 08:10
The terms “technology metals” was coined in 2007 by Jack Lifton to denote the by-products of metals and other rare metals which are excessively useful in the manufacture and high-end production of devices which require high technology such as security systems, engineering systems, miniature electronic devices, advanced weaponry
Steel Metal Industries – Growth and Prices
26.08.2014 08:54
Steel is an alloy; an alloy of manganese, chromium, nickel and others. It is believed that mankind discovered steel in the ancient times but historic records suggest that its discovery was made in the thirteenth century. From the 13th to the 18th century, there were no major uses established with steel
Company Profile: International Ferro Metals
19.08.2014 08:47
International Ferro Metals (IFM) was founded in 2002 with the aim to become one of the foremost ferrochrome producers of the world. The company provides low cost ferrochrome without compromising on the mining technology and the use of high-tech processing plants. Ferrochrome is used in the production of stainless steel
Metal Plating – Benefits and Processes
12.08.2014 10:08
Metal plating or metal finishing is a huge industry that makes use of various toxic chemicals. In fact, metal finishing industry alone is the largest user of nickel compounds and nickel in the United States. The same industry also uses cadmium compounds, cadmium and chromium – all harmful materials for human users
Metal Decking & Its Types
05.08.2014 09:24
Metal decking is a metal roll forming process, in which the sheets of metal are rolled to form a corrugated or ribbed profile. The metal decking is primarily used in industrial and commercial applications such as for roofing and flooring. Sometimes the metal decks are also used to form concrete. The decks can either be welded or pinned
Sustainability and Longevity of Metal Building
29.07.2014 06:46
The use of metal as a construction material, for its durability and strength, is well known. However, it is a less appreciated fact that the durability and the strength of these metals also contribute towards making metal building cost effective, as they add sustainability and longevity to the metal building structures. In an age when consumers
Use of Gearboxes in Various Industries
28.07.2014 20:31
Gearboxes are transmission devices used to convert energy from one device to the other. All types of industries and manufacturing plants use gearboxes. These devices are known for their high efficiency, easy operation and high durability. Below are given some industries that use gearboxes and their uses
Iron Distributor Gears and Alternatives
25.07.2014 08:07
Gears are mechanical devices used for transmitting rotational motion. An example would be cars where gears are used to change the speed of car movement. In the earlier days, gears were made with wooden wheels and in the 21st century, materials like cast iron, brass, aluminum, plastic, and copper are used in making distributor gears
The New Generation of Alloys
24.07.2014 07:40
Microalloyed steels, also known as low alloy high strength steels, provide better properties mechanically and were designed to also provide better resistance to corrosion that conventional types of steel are able to provide. These new steels are not considered to be alloy steels in the same sense that other alloys
Black Metal Demand Rises in Furniture and Crafts Industry
23.07.2014 08:42
The demand of art and craft metal products carved out of black metal has been rising not only in Asia and America but also in southern region of Africa. The wrought iron black metal is largely used in crafting beautiful sculptures and furniture pieces for sale as well as in exhibitions
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