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All about Alkaline Earth Metals
19.12.2014 09:52
More often known as Group 2 metals, alkaline earth metals are a group in the periodic table of metals. Metals such as beryllium, magnesium, barium, radium, helium, calcium and strontium are famous alkaline earth metals, earlier known as Group IIA elements. These metals are named after the oxides that they are formed out of
Understanding Hot and Cold Steel Rolled
12.12.2014 10:02
Steel is an alloy that can be molded into various forms. Hot steel rolled and cold steel rolled is the two variants of this alloy. What is the difference? The difference between hot and cold steel rolled metal products lies in the temperature of scaling
Top 5 Steel Producing Metal Companies in the World
04.12.2014 20:48
Steel is one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the metal trade today and this growth is largely fuelled by the industrialization and urbanization of countries such as China, Russia, Brazil and India. This is a list of the top five metal companies in the world, based on the amount of crude steel they produced
Metal Profile: Ferrous Metallurgy
28.11.2014 09:45
Ferrous metallurgy or iron metallurgy, dates back to the prehistoric era from where archaeologists have unearthed iron artifacts from Iran and China dating back to the 5th millennium BC. In the 2nd millennium BC, iron production from iron ores were carried out in China and Sahara. In the medieval period, Europe used to manufacture
Identifying Stock Steel Products Company for Investment
21.11.2014 09:30
Ever since the global economic slowdown, the metal industry has seen a lot of upward and downward movement. The object of this discussion is just one aspect of the metal products industry, that is, the stock steel products, which in the last few months have gained tremendously on the bourses
Cast Iron Chips Tests
14.11.2014 09:49
Cast iron chips are used in corrosion testing. These days coolants are so manufactured so that they can prevent rusting. The Rust Inhibitors act as a protective barrier over metal products so that the life cycle of the metals can increase and they remain in workable position for a longer time period
Metal Manufacturing Industry in USA
07.11.2014 08:12
With an overwhelming number of people becoming unemployed, the metal manufacturing industry in 2012 will play a dominant role in reducing the unemployment ratio. However, metal manufacturing industry experts often moan the lack of skilled people. Most of the current skilled people are from the “baby boomers” generation
Niobium Scrap – A Highly Valuable Investment
29.10.2014 09:45
Titanium, palladium might be precious metals but niobium is one which is topping the list of rare metals. This critical earth metal is mined only at two places in the entire world. The shortage in its supply makes it one of the least available materials in the metal products industry. For some reason, niobium and niobium scrap
Understanding Non-Ferrous Metals – Properties, Uses and Recycling
24.10.2014 10:46
Bauxite, aluminum, brass, copper, nickel, tin, lead, titanium, zinc, platinum, gold, silver and others are non-ferrous metal products. They are non-ferrous because they contain very less amount of iron. They are expensive than ferrous metals and refined through electrolysis method
Gold Prices Fall Past Critical Point
15.10.2014 11:47
The price of gold fell back to less than the critical $1,600 point again. The strength of the US dollar along with jitters about the situation going on in Europe caused the price of commodities to lower. Spot gold of New York fell almost $15, down to $1,597. Spot silver also went down to a lower price of $28.75, unable to maintain the price of $29
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