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Copper Market Sees Increase in the United States
25.04.2014 07:42
Copper Market Sees Increase in the United States
There have been a lot of signs that have pointed to an economic recovery in the United States. These signs are helping to bolster the confidence of investors who are keeping a close eye on what copper is doing in the markets. These signs, along with expectations that China is going to make it easier to get access to loans
Trading Base Metal Products on the London Metal Exchange (LME)
24.04.2014 07:59
Trading Base Metal Products on the London Metal Exchange (LME)
The London Metal Exchange (LME) is the main platform where base metal products are traded actively. Base metal traders on the LME prefer this platform as it gives them an appropriate structure to monitor the market, discover changing base metal prices and get profound knowledge on the future market highs and lows
Understanding Non-Ferrous Metals – Properties, Uses and Recycling
23.04.2014 07:46
Understanding Non-Ferrous Metals – Properties, Uses and Recycling
Bauxite, aluminum, brass, copper, nickel, tin, lead, titanium, zinc, platinum, gold, silver and others are non-ferrous metal products. They are non-ferrous because they contain very less amount of iron. They are expensive than ferrous metals and refined through electrolysis method
The Varied Uses of Metal
03.04.2014 08:38
Metal has been an important tool since the beginning of civilization. In the very early years, cave men and women learned about the different elements in the environment. They had simple tools that consisted largely of rock, bone, and wood. Even the very earliest cultures looked for ways to make their lives easier. If only they could have realized
Copper – the hot commodity – Who holds them all?
02.04.2014 08:23
With Gold constantly in the news these days, you might not really expect an article about Copper, and well, to be called a hot commodity…you might wonder if it’s something to do with the fact Copper is also called the poor man’s Gold. Not really, Copper price boom is expected to be the next big thing
The New Generation of Alloys
01.04.2014 05:40
Microalloyed steels, also known as low alloy high strength steels, provide better properties mechanically and were designed to also provide better resistance to corrosion that conventional types of steel are able to provide. These new steels are not considered to be alloy steels in the same sense that other alloys
Black Metal Demand Rises in Furniture and Crafts Industry
31.03.2014 08:42
The demand of art and craft metal products carved out of black metal has been rising not only in Asia and America but also in southern region of Africa. The wrought iron black metal is largely used in crafting beautiful sculptures and furniture pieces for sale as well as in exhibitions
Metallurgical Coke – Its Definition and Application
28.03.2014 06:50
When bituminous coal is processed, the resulting material is called metallurgical coke or “met” coke. It is derived after the bituminous coal undergoes a purification process to extract the multifarious blends in the coal. When left in its natural condition, bituminous coal is a naturally soft occurring substance, having a high level of unstable
Homes Renovated with Metal
27.03.2014 07:14
Bruce weatherfor and Adam Toguchi wanted their 2-bedroom, 1 bathroom home in Austin, Texas to have more space. The home had 864 square feet and was built in the housing boom of the 1940s after the war. The homeowners decided that they wanted their home to be energy efficient as well as having more space
The Top 5 Aluminium Metal Manufacturers in the World
26.03.2014 09:36
Aluminium is a lightweight metal product that is currently in high demand, largely as a result of industrial growth in countries like China, India and Russia. The industry looks set to continue to grow, making the biggest metal companies who deal in aluminum important players in the world’s economy
Profiles of Metals: Copper
25.03.2014 09:57
Copper is known as one of the best conductors of electricity out of all metals. The abundance of this metal has helped it to become the material which is used to tie together the world of telecommunications. The color is light red, but may be oxidized to a gritty greenish hue easily
Use of Aluminum Honeycomb Panel in Air Vent Filters
24.03.2014 09:33
More often, the aluminum honeycomb panel is selected for air vent filters manufacturing because they possess low wind resistance against the kind of air flow needed to cool modern electric equipments. Moreover, the cost of aluminum is much lesser than other metal products. The aluminum honeycomb panel is basically
An Introduction to Precious Metals
21.03.2014 08:02
The term precious metal refers to a metallic chemical element which is both naturally occurring and rare. These elements are high in value economically. These metals are much less reactive than other elements and have a high luster, or shine. They are also softer than many other metals and have melting points
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