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Gold Prices Fall Past Critical Point
16.04.2014 07:47
Gold Prices Fall Past Critical Point
The price of gold fell back to less than the critical $1,600 point again. The strength of the US dollar along with jitters about the situation going on in Europe caused the price of commodities to lower. Spot gold of New York fell almost $15, down to $1,597. Spot silver also went down to a lower price of $28.75, unable to maintain the price of $29
Gold Bullion Investment
04.03.2014 09:50
As in the ancient times, investment in gold is still considered as a profitable practice, a way to build a successful investment portfolio. In slow economic times and higher gold price, selling gold investments no doubt brings more profit. Hence, investment in gold bullion is a profitable venture; of course, a lot depends on the country
Non-Metallic Minerals Deposit & Its Uses
03.03.2014 09:40
Cement, glass, ceramics and lime deposits are the primary non-metallic minerals that constitute this industry. This industry is a highly organized and well established sector that is characterized by its efficient transformation of minerals like clays, silica and limestone through an intense energy consumption process that gives the metallic
Identifying Stock Steel Products Company for Investment
28.02.2014 07:30
Ever since the global economic slowdown, the metal industry has seen a lot of upward and downward movement. The object of this discussion is just one aspect of the metal products industry, that is, the stock steel products, which in the last few months have gained tremendously on the bourses
Choosing the Best Aluminum Spiral Model Stairs
27.02.2014 07:41
If you have to choose stairs for your home or office, the aluminum spiral model stairs are a very good alternative. One primary reason is that the aluminum stairs are compact that other kind of stairs. In other words, it does not encroach on your space. If you are looking for aluminum spiral model stairs in the market, you will be spoiled
Profiles of Metals: Plumbum
26.02.2014 07:55
Plumbum (Pb) is the Latin name for lead, a soft and malleable metal that is used in making various metal products. When freshly mined, Plumbum displays a bluish white disposition but when it is exposed to air, the color becomes a dull grayish, which further changes to a chromic slivery luster when it is melted into liquid
Metallic Properties
25.02.2014 06:45
The word metal comes from a Greek word. It is defined as an element, alloy, or compound that is both good at conducting heat, and it is good at conducting electricity. They are usually materials which are shiny and malleable. The periodic table is made up mostly of metals.
Understanding Hot and Cold Steel Rolled
24.02.2014 09:51
Steel is an alloy that can be molded into various forms. Hot steel rolled and cold steel rolled is the two variants of this alloy. What is the difference? The difference between hot and cold steel rolled metal products lies in the temperature of scaling
An Introduction to the Alkali Metals
21.02.2014 10:37
The metals referred to as the alkali metals are a series of elements on the periodic table of elements. In the most modern tables, the alkali metals are the group one elements as well as hydrogen. The alkali metals are caesium, francium, rubidium, sodium, and lithium.
Metal Engraving Gifts and Styles
20.02.2014 09:25
Metal engraving, also known as metal etching, is an art; a style in vogue these days as affordable gift items. The art of metal engraving is time consuming and it’s like drawing a tattoo in metal. Earlier, steel engraving was more popular but now engraving can be done on various other metal products
Metal Profile: Ferrous Metallurgy
19.02.2014 08:45
Ferrous metallurgy or iron metallurgy, dates back to the prehistoric era from where archaeologists have unearthed iron artifacts from Iran and China dating back to the 5th millennium BC. In the 2nd millennium BC, iron production from iron ores were carried out in China and Sahara. In the medieval period, Europe used to manufacture
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