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All about Alkaline Earth Metals
19.12.2014 09:52
All about Alkaline Earth Metals
More often known as Group 2 metals, alkaline earth metals are a group in the periodic table of metals. Metals such as beryllium, magnesium, barium, radium, helium, calcium and strontium are famous alkaline earth metals, earlier known as Group IIA elements. These metals are named after the oxides that they are formed out of
Metallurgical Coke – Its Definition and Application
11.07.2014 08:50
When bituminous coal is processed, the resulting material is called metallurgical coke or “met” coke. It is derived after the bituminous coal undergoes a purification process to extract the multifarious blends in the coal. When left in its natural condition, bituminous coal is a naturally soft occurring substance, having a high level of unstable
Competition that Stainless Steel Manufacturers Face
10.07.2014 08:51
The stainless steel industry in the United States has been subject to a number of hardships post recession. Stainless steel and metal products’ manufacturers at present are suffering from tremendous losses and are also facing tough competition in procuring raw materials for increasing production output
Use of Aluminum Honeycomb Panel in Air Vent Filters
09.07.2014 08:33
More often, the aluminum honeycomb panel is selected for air vent filters manufacturing because they possess low wind resistance against the kind of air flow needed to cool modern electric equipments. Moreover, the cost of aluminum is much lesser than other metal products. The aluminum honeycomb panel is basically
Electrometallurgy and Its Types
08.07.2014 07:41
The origin of electrometallurgy goes back to the mid-18th century when this new technique was first used by Baroque and Mannerist artists in their gold and silver masterpieces. In this technique, electricity is applied so that the metal undergoes a molecular or chemical reaction. In most of the electrometallurgy application, heat is first
Direct Metal Technology and Its Uses
07.07.2014 07:51
Direct metal technology comprises a number of techniques and methods that are used to derive and/or produce metal parts through direct and additive processes. Direct metal technology is much more than cost-efficiency, speed and time-saving. These are minor motivational factors for someone who works in metal products’ industry
An Introduction to Precious Metals
04.07.2014 08:33
The term precious metal refers to a metallic chemical element which is both naturally occurring and rare. These elements are high in value economically. These metals are much less reactive than other elements and have a high luster, or shine. They are also softer than many other metals and have melting points
Copper – the hot commodity – Who holds them all?
03.07.2014 08:23
With Gold constantly in the news these days, you might not really expect an article about Copper, and well, to be called a hot commodity…you might wonder if it’s something to do with the fact Copper is also called the poor man’s Gold. Not really, Copper price boom is expected to be the next big thing
Germanium Metal and its Applications
02.07.2014 07:42
Germanium is a rare metal that was discovered by Winkler in 1886 as a component of the argyrodite mineral. The name of the metal comes from its country of origin – Germany. In the 21st century, the germanium metal is mainly cultivated in China and Russia as a result of zinc ore smelting and from certain coal ash types
Gunmetal – Uses and Variants
01.07.2014 07:44
Alloys of copper, tin, zinc and lead have been in use over the last 2000 years because of their strength and easy casting. In the earlier times, this alloy was preferably used in church door construction, mirror cases, brooches and statues. The name ‘gunmetal’ has its origins in the medieval times when this alloy was popularly
Metal Frames –Types &  Uses
27.06.2014 08:43
Metal frames are an excellent way of adding to the charm of your house. A variety of metal frames of different shapes and sizes is nowadays being used by many stylists to decorate the interiors of houses. Of particular interest are these metal products, namely frames, when arranged in a manner that speaks of a theme
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