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Trading Base Metal Products on the London Metal Exchange (LME)
24.04.2014 07:59
Trading Base Metal Products on the London Metal Exchange (LME)
The London Metal Exchange (LME) is the main platform where base metal products are traded actively. Base metal traders on the LME prefer this platform as it gives them an appropriate structure to monitor the market, discover changing base metal prices and get profound knowledge on the future market highs and lows
Understanding Non-Ferrous Metals – Properties, Uses and Recycling
23.04.2014 07:46
Understanding Non-Ferrous Metals – Properties, Uses and Recycling
Bauxite, aluminum, brass, copper, nickel, tin, lead, titanium, zinc, platinum, gold, silver and others are non-ferrous metal products. They are non-ferrous because they contain very less amount of iron. They are expensive than ferrous metals and refined through electrolysis method
Cast Iron Chips Tests
22.04.2014 07:49
Cast Iron Chips Tests
Cast iron chips are used in corrosion testing. These days coolants are so manufactured so that they can prevent rusting. The Rust Inhibitors act as a protective barrier over metal products so that the life cycle of the metals can increase and they remain in workable position for a longer time period
Metal Profile: Ferrous Metallurgy
19.02.2014 08:45
Ferrous metallurgy or iron metallurgy, dates back to the prehistoric era from where archaeologists have unearthed iron artifacts from Iran and China dating back to the 5th millennium BC. In the 2nd millennium BC, iron production from iron ores were carried out in China and Sahara. In the medieval period, Europe used to manufacture
Top 6 Metal Architecture Wonders of the World
18.02.2014 07:36
There are certain man-made building that can take your breathe away. Metal architecture and designing is an art which very few people can master. These 6 metal architecture wonders of the world are just the tip of the iceberg. What makes them known as architectural wonders of the world is not just the designing but the effort
Working on Oil Platforms
17.02.2014 07:42
Working on oil platforms or oil rigs are very physically demanding because of the heavy hard work involved. Nevertheless, there are companies which will go out of the way to ensure that the time spent by employees on oil platforms is worth their time and money. For instance, some oil companies allow employees a four-star luxury
Metal Plating – Benefits and Processes
14.02.2014 08:08
Metal plating or metal finishing is a huge industry that makes use of various toxic chemicals. In fact, metal finishing industry alone is the largest user of nickel compounds and nickel in the United States. The same industry also uses cadmium compounds, cadmium and chromium – all harmful materials for human users
Sustainability and Longevity of Metal Building
13.02.2014 08:28
The use of metal as a construction material, for its durability and strength, is well known. However, it is a less appreciated fact that the durability and the strength of these metals also contribute towards making metal building cost effective, as they add sustainability and longevity to the metal building structures. In an age when consumers
High Technology Metals – Origin and Use
12.02.2014 08:10
The terms “technology metals” was coined in 2007 by Jack Lifton to denote the by-products of metals and other rare metals which are excessively useful in the manufacture and high-end production of devices which require high technology such as security systems, engineering systems, miniature electronic devices, advanced weaponry
Metal Jewelry Supplies Make India Shine
11.02.2014 08:31
The craze for metal jewelry and funky designs has been rising day by day. Jewelry especially carved out of metals such as copper and iron is flooding the antiques’ market in a significant manner over the previous five years. Apart from metal jewelry supplies including those carved from cheaper metals, the supplies of those made from
Steps to Color Metal
07.02.2014 07:32
Often you would find metals in various colors donning construction buildings and home decorating metal products. Coloring metal is an art. If you want to color metal, you first have to understand the metals and the process of making the metals ready for coloring. For instance, metal products made with anodized aluminum and ferrous
Gunmetal – Uses and Variants
06.02.2014 08:44
Alloys of copper, tin, zinc and lead have been in use over the last 2000 years because of their strength and easy casting. In the earlier times, this alloy was preferably used in church door construction, mirror cases, brooches and statues. The name ‘gunmetal’ has its origins in the medieval times when this alloy was popularly
Understanding Gold Price – Guide for an Investor
04.02.2014 08:41
The constant rise and fall in gold price is difficult to understand, more so when the price of the metal product is fluctuating in a weak economy. Questions like the state of current gold industry, the role of hedge funds, the decline of gold price by 40% in the mid-90s and others plague the mind of a gold investor
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