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Metal Frames –Types &  Uses
27.06.2014 08:43
Metal frames are an excellent way of adding to the charm of your house. A variety of metal frames of different shapes and sizes is nowadays being used by many stylists to decorate the interiors of houses. Of particular interest are these metal products, namely frames, when arranged in a manner that speaks of a theme
Copper’s Antibacterial Properties
26.06.2014 08:43
Hospitals are looking at using some metals in their fight against the problems with antibiotic resistant pathogens that are difficult to combat. One such pathogen is Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA).Because of the epidemic with antibiotic resistant pathogens, some hospital administrators and doctors are looking at silver
Use of GP Sheets in Indian Food Packaging System
25.06.2014 08:32
Galvanized Plane Sheets (GP Sheets) are sheets that are galvanized to prevent corrosion. Cars, furniture and tool boxes are some of the applications of GP sheets. Corrosion on metal products happens when they are exposed to other metals or to natural elements like oxygen and water; hence, the GP sheets are used as a formal barrier
Non-Metallic Minerals Deposit & Its Uses
24.06.2014 08:10
Cement, glass, ceramics and lime deposits are the primary non-metallic minerals that constitute this industry. This industry is a highly organized and well established sector that is characterized by its efficient transformation of minerals like clays, silica and limestone through an intense energy consumption process that gives the metallic
Profiles of Metals: Plumbum
23.06.2014 09:55
Plumbum (Pb) is the Latin name for lead, a soft and malleable metal that is used in making various metal products. When freshly mined, Plumbum displays a bluish white disposition but when it is exposed to air, the color becomes a dull grayish, which further changes to a chromic slivery luster when it is melted into liquid
The Popularity of Silverware
20.06.2014 09:32
Using silverware cutlery in marriages or grand functions has become a norm in the society nowadays. It is also a symbol of prosperity and considered a luxury item in many households. Traditionally, gifting silverware and luxury metal products on marriages and ceremonies was taken as a highly elite act; however, today it has become
An Introduction to the Alkali Metals
18.06.2014 07:43
The metals referred to as the alkali metals are a series of elements on the periodic table of elements. In the most modern tables, the alkali metals are the group one elements as well as hydrogen. The alkali metals are caesium, francium, rubidium, sodium, and lithium.
Metallic Properties
17.06.2014 08:43
The word metal comes from a Greek word. It is defined as an element, alloy, or compound that is both good at conducting heat, and it is good at conducting electricity. They are usually materials which are shiny and malleable. The periodic table is made up mostly of metals.
Profiles of Metals: Iron
13.06.2014 10:45
The use of iron goes back about 5000 years. It’s the second metal which is the most abundant in the crust of the earth. It is mostly used in the production of steel, which is one of the most important structural in the world.Iron, when in its purest form is a silver-colored metal which is a good conductor of heat and electricity
How Can Manufactured Metal Goods be Used for Business Promotion?
12.06.2014 09:45
These days most of the companies organize giveaways in a bid to attract more clients, both online and offline. While computer accessories or books may be time tested favorite giveaways, manufactured metal goods too pep up the promotional programs. Since not every company uses manufactured metal goods
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