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Metallurgical Coke – Its Definition and Application
11.07.2014 08:50
Metallurgical Coke – Its Definition and Application
When bituminous coal is processed, the resulting material is called metallurgical coke or “met” coke. It is derived after the bituminous coal undergoes a purification process to extract the multifarious blends in the coal. When left in its natural condition, bituminous coal is a naturally soft occurring substance, having a high level of unstable
Competition that Stainless Steel Manufacturers Face
10.07.2014 08:51
Competition that Stainless Steel Manufacturers Face
The stainless steel industry in the United States has been subject to a number of hardships post recession. Stainless steel and metal products’ manufacturers at present are suffering from tremendous losses and are also facing tough competition in procuring raw materials for increasing production output
Understanding Hot and Cold Steel Rolled
05.05.2014 00:02
Steel is an alloy that can be molded into various forms. Hot steel rolled and cold steel rolled is the two variants of this alloy. What is the difference? The difference between hot and cold steel rolled metal products lies in the temperature of scaling
Top 5 Steel Producing Metal Companies in the World
29.04.2014 07:48
Steel is one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the metal trade today and this growth is largely fuelled by the industrialization and urbanization of countries such as China, Russia, Brazil and India. This is a list of the top five metal companies in the world, based on the amount of crude steel they produced
Copper Market Sees Increase in the United States
25.04.2014 07:42
There have been a lot of signs that have pointed to an economic recovery in the United States. These signs are helping to bolster the confidence of investors who are keeping a close eye on what copper is doing in the markets. These signs, along with expectations that China is going to make it easier to get access to loans
Trading Base Metal Products on the London Metal Exchange (LME)
24.04.2014 07:59
The London Metal Exchange (LME) is the main platform where base metal products are traded actively. Base metal traders on the LME prefer this platform as it gives them an appropriate structure to monitor the market, discover changing base metal prices and get profound knowledge on the future market highs and lows
Understanding Non-Ferrous Metals – Properties, Uses and Recycling
23.04.2014 07:46
Bauxite, aluminum, brass, copper, nickel, tin, lead, titanium, zinc, platinum, gold, silver and others are non-ferrous metal products. They are non-ferrous because they contain very less amount of iron. They are expensive than ferrous metals and refined through electrolysis method
Cast Iron Chips Tests
22.04.2014 07:49
Cast iron chips are used in corrosion testing. These days coolants are so manufactured so that they can prevent rusting. The Rust Inhibitors act as a protective barrier over metal products so that the life cycle of the metals can increase and they remain in workable position for a longer time period
Gold Prices Fall Past Critical Point
16.04.2014 07:47
The price of gold fell back to less than the critical $1,600 point again. The strength of the US dollar along with jitters about the situation going on in Europe caused the price of commodities to lower. Spot gold of New York fell almost $15, down to $1,597. Spot silver also went down to a lower price of $28.75, unable to maintain the price of $29
Mining Machinery – A Brief History
15.04.2014 06:29
The use of mining machinery for extracting minerals from the earth goes back to the pre-historic times. Of course, the kind of complex structural mining equipments used today vary distinctly with what the pre-historic and ancient civilizations used, the purpose is nonetheless same. Mining recovers elements that are not artificially created
Tips To Help You Buy Metal Building Products
14.04.2014 07:45
Whether you are looking to construct a building or have some work done on an existing one, the labour and metal building materials can work out expensive. Deciding exactly what you need may be difficult but by taking a few steps before finding the right company within the metal trade, it can be made a lot simpler
Steel Metal Industries – Growth and Prices
11.04.2014 08:54
Steel is an alloy; an alloy of manganese, chromium, nickel and others. It is believed that mankind discovered steel in the ancient times but historic records suggest that its discovery was made in the thirteenth century. From the 13th to the 18th century, there were no major uses established with steel
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