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General Code of Conduct for Steel Transaction
16.09.2014 11:26
General Code of Conduct for Steel Transaction
There are certain generic and specific rules and regulations conducting the operations of a steel manufacturing and steel metal products production unit. Any businesses within the gamut of steel industry should be aware of certain generic steel transaction rules and regulations, which are given below in brief
Manufacture and Sell Copper Cathodes
11.06.2014 07:02
Before you reach out to the markets to sell copper cathodes, you must know how they are manufactured and what are they basically used for. Manufacturing copper cathodes involves a number of steps. Wire and copper cathode manufacturers need to follow a certain standard of production while making copper wires and cathodes
How to Choose a Metal Building Material Supplier
10.06.2014 06:41
Metal building material buyers need to be careful about selecting a building material supplier. Since the material will be used for construction purpose, any problem in the building material quality can seriously injure many lives. Hence, it is necessary to exercise discretion before choosing a metal building supplier
Top 4 Reasons to Buy Metal Products Online
09.06.2014 09:11
If your business is in metal products, you will know the importance of finding quality, reliable suppliers who can deliver your goods on time, and in a cost effective manner. However, finding the right suppliers can be challenging and very time consuming, so many people are turning to online metal distributors to meet their needs
Metal Engraving Gifts and Styles
06.06.2014 10:25
Metal engraving, also known as metal etching, is an art; a style in vogue these days as affordable gift items. The art of metal engraving is time consuming and it’s like drawing a tattoo in metal. Earlier, steel engraving was more popular but now engraving can be done on various other metal products
Working on Oil Platforms
05.06.2014 09:56
Working on oil platforms or oil rigs are very physically demanding because of the heavy hard work involved. Nevertheless, there are companies which will go out of the way to ensure that the time spent by employees on oil platforms is worth their time and money. For instance, some oil companies allow employees a four-star luxury
All about Alkaline Earth Metals
04.06.2014 09:52
More often known as Group 2 metals, alkaline earth metals are a group in the periodic table of metals. Metals such as beryllium, magnesium, barium, radium, helium, calcium and strontium are famous alkaline earth metals, earlier known as Group IIA elements. These metals are named after the oxides that they are formed out of
Industrial Uses of Metalloids
03.06.2014 09:45
Metalloids are chemical elements with properties that are a mix of nonmetals and metals. They can neither be classified as a metal or as a nonmetal. There is not a definition that is universally accepted to define what a metalloid is. The term metalloid used to refer to nonmetals. However, the more recent definition for the word
Choosing the Best Aluminum Spiral Model Stairs
26.05.2014 09:41
If you have to choose stairs for your home or office, the aluminum spiral model stairs are a very good alternative. One primary reason is that the aluminum stairs are compact that other kind of stairs. In other words, it does not encroach on your space. If you are looking for aluminum spiral model stairs in the market, you will be spoiled
Top 6 Metal Architecture Wonders of the World
21.05.2014 09:03
There are certain man-made building that can take your breathe away. Metal architecture and designing is an art which very few people can master. These 6 metal architecture wonders of the world are just the tip of the iceberg. What makes them known as architectural wonders of the world is not just the designing but the effort
Steps to Color Metal
16.05.2014 07:32
Often you would find metals in various colors donning construction buildings and home decorating metal products. Coloring metal is an art. If you want to color metal, you first have to understand the metals and the process of making the metals ready for coloring. For instance, metal products made with anodized aluminum and ferrous
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