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Bronze Metal Sculpture – The Oldest Technique
30.01.2015 10:02
Bronze Metal Sculpture – The Oldest Technique
The metal, bronze, is the oldest metal known to mankind; hence, a bronze metal sculpture, too, is one of the oldest sculptures mankind ever created. The ancient civilizations used bronze for arts and its alloy for creating war and survival weapons. It is believed that the Greeks were the first one to create a bronze metal sculpture
Saint Petersburg, Russia to be Site of Aluminum 21/Extrusion International Conference and Exhibition
30.01.2012 11:28
From June 26th thru the 28th, the Alusil MVT Company will host the 4th International Conference and Exhibition called, “Aluminum-21 Extrusion.” The event will take place in Saint Petersburg Russia at the Sokos Palace Bridge
What’s In Store for Commodities over the Next Decade
25.01.2012 13:01
The past ten years have seen some fluctuations in prices of commodities, which is no surprise. The population has been urbanizing at a rapid pace all around the world. If you were to annualize the returns since the year 2002, you would see that all of the commodities were in a positive territory. It is no surprise that a precious metal
Positive Signs for Metals in January
23.01.2012 10:25
Speculators raised their bets for higher prices in metals more than they have since July. They turned bullish on the prices of copper for the first time in a few months due to the growth in the United States. This is also due in part to more confidence being placed in Europe and an increase in demand in China
Many Variables to Affect Jewelry Demand of China and India
20.01.2012 10:08
China and India will continue to be a large part of the market for jewelry made from precious metals. However, if the prices for gold are high coupled with an economy which is uncertain and exchange rates which fluctuate, this might affect the buying habits of these countries
Uncertainty for Rare Earths Prices in 2012
18.01.2012 09:58
Rare earth elements burst onto the metal scene in the year 2012. They also received widespread attention from the media and investors alike. However, in 2011, demand for these rare earth metals was unstable in 2011, because demand decreased
Some Analysts Believe Silver Prices to Increase in 2012
17.01.2012 09:55
It seems that 2012 might be a good year for silver. At least that is what some analysts believe. Even though there were some small losses in silver during 2011, many experts think that silver prices will end 2012 at twice or three times what its level was in the middle of December 2011. The price was $29 per ounce at the end of the year
Gold Prices Affected by Worries of the Euro
16.01.2012 09:59
Analysts are expecting the US dollar to gain strength against the euro. This might have an affect on gold prices next week. Some analysts think that gold might be due for a retracement. In a weekly gold survey conducted by Kitco News, 24 out of 32 participants made a response. Eleven think that prices will go down, seven don’t think prices
Analysts Expect Increase in Base Metal Prices for 2012
13.01.2012 09:59
With the tumble that occurred in the second part of 2012, anaylysts are looking at base metals to repair some of the damage that happened in the markets. In the early part of 2011, metals were showing strong. This, of course, was before the huge European debt crisis that caused things to slow down
Are Silver and Gold Being Demonetized?
12.01.2012 10:09
Some analysts believe that at this moment in time, we are teetering along the edge of a crisis of economies. They say that our system of money is what has caused this crisis and the bubble of debt that our system of money has created is about to pop
Is There Enough Gold in Reserves?
11.01.2012 09:59
There have been some small moves in the exchange rates between the euro and the U.S. dollar. However, confidence has been debased. As we look further into the year of 2012, we can see that the danger of inflation is off in the distance and threatening to rise. The breakdown in 2011 caused a loss of confidence in the euro
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