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Is There Enough Gold in Reserves?
11.01.2012 09:59
There have been some small moves in the exchange rates between the euro and the U.S. dollar. However, confidence has been debased. As we look further into the year of 2012, we can see that the danger of inflation is off in the distance and threatening to rise. The breakdown in 2011 caused a loss of confidence in the euro
The Euro Crisis and Metals
09.01.2012 09:57
Investors around the world, especially in Europe, are worried about how the euro crisis will affect the economic problems in Europe. They are also worried about implications of the effect of the euro crisis on the financial systems globally. Many investors have left equity markets out of fear of what can happen
Price of copper went down because of worry of euro zone debt
05.01.2012 10:24
The prices of copper fell on Wednesday ending the rally that came from a previous session. Worry about the euro zone debt crisis caused an erosion of confidence and made investors worry about the outlook for demand in the metal industry. The three-month cost of copper on the London Metal Exchange went down to just under $7569
2012’s Annual Regional Iron and Steel Summit to be Held in Istanbul
04.01.2012 10:24
In just about three weeks, the Annual Regional Iron & Steel Investment Summit for 2012 will take place. METDAQ is pleased to be a media sponsor of the events that will commence over the course of the two day summit. The summit is set to take place on 25-26 January in Istanbul
Year End Review: July through December
26.12.2011 10:05
There have been some significant changes during 2011. Since the year is almost over, this article will take a look back into the goings-on of the metal industry this year from the second half of the year: July through December. Last Friday’s article listed some of the changes that occurred during the first half of the year.
Year End Review: January thru June
23.12.2011 10:17
During this time of year, many people like to take a look back and reflect on what happened during the year. There were many notable occurrences in the metal industry this year. Following are some of the highlights, month by month.
How to Protect Your Metal Coin Collection
22.12.2011 00:00
If you have always thought about starting a collection of coins, you will want to consider the ways that you can protect it. You will want to make sure that your coins are kept in mint condition because you will probably want to look at them and admire them. They are a little bit like little works of art
NASDAQ-METDAQ, Business discrimination or fear of competition?
21.12.2011 00:00
In the past few months there has seemed to be some concern from certain industry insiders that perhaps there are similarities between METDAQ LLC and NASDAQ OMX. In fact there has been so much concern that recently NASDAQ OMX has requested that METDAQ LLC withdraw their application for trademark registration.
Positive Signs Coming From the World of Metal
21.12.2011 00:00
For the chain of metals supply, the end of the calendar year will not be difficult to distinguish from the days before when the industry’s was going through much more prosperous times. For those who were able to survive the Great Recession, 2011 was a year that showed more healthy conditions with regards to business.
Investors of Gold Mines Want Better Returns
20.12.2011 00:00
Gold miners have been under a growing amount of pressure lately. They are facing pressure to improve returns for shareholders and redress the balance that has seen profits from increased commodity prices sunk into huge growth programs, increasing salaries, and increasing government taxation
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